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Truth Dancer Coaching, LLC.


My Story

I want to tell you the story of why I am a native leadership coach.

I am a Native American raised in Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico.  I grew up with my Santa Clara people, hearing our language and music, interacting with the people of my community.  My father was from Santa Clara and my mom, though of Anglo descent from Mississippi and Florida, helped produce black pottery with my father.  I therefore have developed a deep respect and appreciation for my culture and have become convinced that truth embedded in our indigenous cultures needs to be affirmed and embraced.

Among our indigenous people dancing is an expression of deep beliefs.  Dancing provides a great analogy for leadership.  Dancers must learn to dance as individuals, but more importantly to dance with others, whether leading or following.  Most important is to learn to dance with our Creator, following His leadership, His influence.  I was led to found Truth Dancer Coaching to help people become better truth dancers, dancing in the right way regarding their leadership relationships.  My desire is for us to truly NEVER DANCE ALONE!

My own journey to do that began as a young boy when I heard and embraced the truth of who Jesus Christ was and became a follower of Him.  Though I grew up in a community that held some different beliefs about Him than I did, I embraced Jesus strongly at an early age.  The reality of God alive, present with me and working in, through and around me, became the foundation and anchor of my life. 

Then as a young man I began experiencing what I now know is the reality of leadership.  Though lacking some in self-esteem and self-confidence, I was willing to step in to leadership roles.  I also learned some leadership truths like service, love, and faithfulness.  However, my leadership was weakened due to the level of my self-esteem and lack of awareness of other leadership principles, but I did the best I knew how.

It was during my last year of college, I felt called to ministry.  After graduation I went straight to seminary to prepare.  For over 30 years I served primarily as a pastor of indigenous churches, including my home church in Santa Clara Pueblo for 6 ½ years, as well as with the Blackfeet, Navajo and Urban Indians.  Again, I did my best, but through the years I felt a growing need to do better specifically as a leader.  I felt like I cared for my people, but I was not growing the churches like I felt I should.  In my 15th year of service I was given the unexpected opportunity to pursue further education, which I did for the purpose of becoming a better leader.

Unexpectedly, that education introduced me to professional coaching.  This approach to helping people and working with people was one that resonated with me deeply.  It enables me to help people help themselves in a supportive and “positively” enabling sort of way.  I decided to become certified as a professional coach through the International Coach Academy, which is accredited by the International Coach Federation.  I also became a founding member of the John Maxwell Team of coaches, speakers and teachers so I could truly learn about leadership, become a better leader, resulting in starting Truth Dancer Coaching, LLC., to benefit our people.

Additional Info

US Tribe : Pueblo of Santa Clara, New Mexico

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