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Ermineskin Cree


Ermineskin Cree Nation is a First Nations band government in Alberta, Canada. A signatory to Treaty 6, Ermineskin is one of the Four Nations of Maskwacis, Alberta's largest Indigenous community.

As of 2019, there are 4,879 registered Ermineskin Cree, of which 3,290 were living on reserve.

The Ermineskin Cree Nation's two reserves (around Maskwacis, Alberta)  and lived in an area around Pigeon Lake and the Bear Hills (known in Cree as Maskwacheesihkare). Therefore, they were called Maskwa Wachi-is Ininiwak, Maskwacheesihk Wiyiniwak or Amiskwacīwiyiniwak, meaning Bear Hills Cree. 

Additional Info

Ermineskin Cree Nation is a First Nations band government in Alberta, Canada. A signatory to Treaty 6 with 4,879 registered  with 3,290 living on the reserve.

Province : Alberta



Craig Makinaw

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