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Evansville Village (aka Bettles Field)


Several Native groups have lived in the area, including Koyukon Athabascans and Kobuk, Selawik, and Nunamiut Eskimos from the north and northwest. The Koyukon lived in several camps throughout the year, moving as the seasons changed, following the wild game and fish.  Founded after an airfield was built by Wilfred Evans and Frank Tobuk were descendants of the Koyukon Athabascans and Kobuk, Selawik, and Nunamiut Eskimos from the north and northwest who followed the wild game and fish in the Koyukuk River region while living in nomadic seasonal camps.Prior to moving to Evansville, Wilfred and Frank had lived with their families in the village of Alatna, which was a primarily Kobuk Eskimo village.  Evansville represents a blending of families and native cultures, which gives the village a unique perspective on traditions and customs.

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