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Klawock Cooperative Association


Klawock Tribe, Klawock IRA, Klawock Alaska, Prince of Wales Island, Heenya Corporation, Klawock Totem Park, City of Klawock, Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian,  Klawock's first settlers were Tlingit who came from the northern winter village of Tuxekan. They used it as a fishing camp for the summer period, and called it by several different names: Klawerak, Tlevak, Clevak, and Klawak. The name "Klawock" is derived from the Tlingit name ɬawa:k, a subgroup of the Tlingit nation. In 1853 a Russian navigator referred to the village as "Klyakkhan", and in 1855 as "Thlewakh"

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