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Yakutat Tlingit Tribe


The City and Borough of Yakutat is located on the northern coast of the Gulf of Alaska, approximately 200 miles from the capital city of Juneau and 300 miles from Anchorage. Yakutat encompasses about 9,460 square miles, and is situated along the turbulent crescent Saint Elias Range on the northern part of the panhandle in Southeast Alaska.

Yakutat serves as a home to about 800 residents, of which half are Native. The Natives comprise of three main stocks of people, namely the Tlingits that migrated from the southeastern panhandle, the Athabascans that travelled along the Alsek River from the interior, and the Cooper River People who traversed from the Cooper River Delta.

There are two moieties and five original clans.  The moieties are the Raven and Eagle.                        

Under the Ravens there are the Luk’na-xadi who migrated from the southeast and the K’ineixkwaan who came from the Copper River area. More recently the T’akdeintaan, a spin off from the Luk’na-xadis from Hoonah has become a part of this Raven group.

The Eagle Moiety comprises of the Teikweidi, Shungukeidi and Glayix Kaawaantaan; three more Eagle Clans have since been included in this faction: the Jishkweidi, the Jilkaat Kaagwaantaan, and the Wooshkeetaan. The language of the three main groups immersed together, resulting in a dialect of the Tlingit language that is more diverse than the southern part of the panhandle.

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